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Osteopathy can help you
to arrive within yourself. 

About my journey and what I can help you with

On my personal path of healing I had to learn that the more I tried to hold and control something, my body and mind only got tired and sick.

The path of allowing my soul to feel safe to express its feelings which were speaking in form of tension or pain in my body, helped me to remember. 

Remember this place of self love and peace within myself. A place which can integrate what happened in the past in order to evolve for my highest good. In order be free from holding on and loving myself.


According to Gabor Maté, a guide who has had a strong influence on my personal path:

"Every tension needs attention."

(Gabor Mate)

It is my mission to help you with the combination of osteopathy and somatoemotional release to remember this place of peace and wholeness inside of you. 

I am so happy to see and meet you in your individuality and to accompany you on your way to health. 




    What is Osteopathy and how do I work ? 

    In osteopathy we see us a human being in a sacred union of:

    1. The history of the individual - mechanical and emotional trauma

    2. The environment - social and private environment, work and culture

    3. The unity of the body - all body cells and the psyche

    As a result of these three influences, the body can react with acute or chronic symptoms.

    How do I work ? 

    With Osteopathy I try to listen to your body and look to the bottom of the causes of your symptoms, so that I can help your body and mind to help themselves to let go and heal.  

    I combine osteopathy (Visceral Listening and Craniosacral therapywith somatoemotional release to give those emotions space which call your attention with a feeling of tension or pain inside your body. Emotions are our biggest teacher. 

    I will listen to your bodys tissue and will work with those rooms inside your body which hold on to something. 


    The time frame of the treatment is approx. 90 minutes.

    What I can help you with  


    "The human is treated - not the disease."

                       Dysregulation in the menstrual cycle (Dysmenoree,                                Amenoree, Oligomenoree)


                       Desire to have children

                       Support during pregnancy

                       Acute and chronic pain 


                       Migraine and Headaches 

                       Teeth grinding, Dysregulations of Temporomandibular Joint

                      Organ complaints (Intestine, Stomach, Liver, Kidneys,                     Bladdersystem ....)




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